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  • Natalia Miller


Updated: Sep 29, 2021

“Stand firm, stay true”

However you perceive your sense of style, it is important you stick to it! Do not follow the latest trends. Mercenary imageless monetary influencers are easily outed , decide which style portrays you, and stick with it! By all means adapt and grow organically but not drastically.

“Authenticity is key”

Followers DO NOT grow over night! Create interactive stories, reply to comments and DM’s, post high quality content, put calls to actions in your comments, post when your followers are most active.

Build a beneficial and relevant following over time and this will help retention.


“Be consistent in your posts”

Consistency needs to be reflected throughout your account. If you post fashion content, stick to fashion, likewise if you post about make up routines and tutorials stick to that. Once you start mismatching your content followers find it too much to handle and will zone out. This same rule applies with posting for example, if you want to go down the luxury route and you’re showing outfits of a high standard/quality, you wouldn’t post cheap Ecom clothing in the next post. Learn to Mix and match appropriately if you can’t commit to a full luxury lifestyle.


You are your own walking media kit! If you want people to work with you, you have to show your content is worth noticing. Successful Influencers will most likely use tools such as:-

Presets - Enables your pictures to have the same tone and lighting throughout.

Lightroom App - Corrects lighting. Check out @nicolerusssell you will notice her page is consistent, clean and visually pleasing.

Rome was not built in a day! Do not expect your Instagram account to be a money making instant source of income. This takes hard work and dedication, there are too many influencers out there expecting to do little work and get big results.

Good luck!

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